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7 Unusual & Fun Forms of Yoga

Author: Apeksha Fozdar for Happy Soul April 21, 2020

Yoga started centuries back and is still considered one of the best forms of healing & exercise. For a lot of people, yoga is the perfect way to start their day, or the retreat that they look for after a chaotic day. The incredible benefits of yoga go beyond the physical, and is often seen as a way to cleanse and unite the mind, body and soul. However, and perhaps hilariously, the modern world has taken yoga beyond traditional, and with power yoga, hot yoga and more it is no more just a constant set of exercises that you keep repeating. Yoga is now a fun and dynamic routine with and here we will discuss some of the weirdest, yet exciting forms of yoga. So, spread out your yoga mat and get ready to show some energy!


Let’s get going with the fun yoga forms

1. Buti Yoga

Buti yoga is Bizzi Gold’s gift to the world because the meaning of yoga has completely changed with this 2012 discovery. Put together some yoga moves with some groovy music, dance, and plyometric workouts, and there we are! Buti yoga is no less than a celebration. You have to party your way to fitness. Moreover, regular practice of Buti yoga can burn calories in a jiffy!


2. Doga

Spending time with your dog is not restricted to walks or catch and throw games anymore. Now, you can bring your pet to the mat, and practice yoga with it. The Doga style of yoga was discovered in America in 2003 and has since become very popular. However, make sure you don’t force your pet to participate in a routine. You should start practicing a routine, and let your dog join you in the course.


3. SUP Yoga

Want to make your vacations more exciting? SUP yoga is what you should choose then. SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) yoga is what you can practice in the middle of any water body. SUP is an advanced form of yoga that improves your strength, and balance. So, several experts find this routine helpful in honing their yoga skills. Also, isn’t it fun to elevate water sports to a different level altogether?


4. Aerial Yoga

Anti-gravity workouts are grueling yet incredibly exciting. It makes you understand your real potential when you challenge your physical strength. Aerial yoga is one of the best forms of anti-gravity workouts that are beings loved by people all across the globe. You start on the mat and elevate in the air. Yes! Because the beginner poses are done on the mat and the advance levels require a prop, which is a hammock. Aerial yoga works wonders if you are trying to develop those killer abs. It is a fantastic form of cargo mixed with resistance and strength training. Also, your body balance improves a lot when you practice aerial yoga.


5. Broga

The word Broga is a combination of ‘brotherly’ and ‘yoga’. This term, as well as this yoga style, was introduced by the famous Matt Miller, a former American footballer, training coach, and expert bodybuilder. As the name suggests, Broga is a form of yoga typically meant for males, who doubt their flexibility and eligibility for other yoga forms. Broga, therefore, blends cardio fitness, yoga stretching, and strength building all under the same name. So, boys get going because there is no more excuse that you have about not attending a yoga class anymore.


6. Acro Yoga

Do you still feel that acrobatics is rocket science, while yoga is still your cup of tea? Then the good news is that you can do both with Acro yoga. As the name suggests, it is a combination of yoga and acrobatics. So, convince your partner for some fun time, in a slightly different way to practice Acro yoga. There are three parts to an Acro yoga routine. You can change positions from being a base, spotter, or flyer. The base makes you trustworthy and stronger. As a spotter, you will learn to let go of things and observe from a distance. Finally, as a flyer, you will understand that trusting others is important too.


7. Aqua yoga

An aquatic or water environment is always more soothing and relaxing. So, it works better when you are aiming for peace and mindfulness. Aqua yoga is, therefore, the practice of performing yoga routine in water. It is one of the most restorative forms of yoga and is extremely fun too. Imagine having a pool party every day with aqua yoga, and after a few days, you become fitter as well. So, it is an absolute win-win situation. Exercise, need never be boring, right?

Whatever form of exercise you choose, it is meant to relax and rejuvenate your body and you should never feel forced into doing something every day. Variations with versions of your favourite exercises make your daily fitness goals fun and exciting.

Cheers to interesting choices!!!