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Author: Team Happy Soul April 11, 2020

Headaches are something people experience with varying degrees of severity and frequency. Whether it’s a tension headache, a migraine headache or a cluster headache, any form of headache can rob you of productivity, focus and impair your ability to perform even most basic daily functions. It’s even worse when your headache is accompanied by a throbbing pain, nausea or changes in vision.

Headaches are most often brought upon by stress, lack of sleep, hormonal changes (especially period time), eyestrain, hangovers, allergies, exercising too much, hunger or dehydration.

Instead of popping pills try these simple techniques to keep your system chemical free and headache free as well.



“A simple self-care technique is to do a mustard foot soak,” integrative medicine clinician Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH. says, “Take a bucket of hot water so that you can place your feet, and cover up to your ankles with hot water. Add a tablespoon of ground mustard, then massage some olive oil around your feet and ankles and soak for 30 minutes. The heat from the water and the mustard will draw down the vascular congestion and release constricted blood vessels in the head, bringing blood flow to the feet and alleviating pain”.


One effective way to naturally relieve headaches is to put 2 tennis balls in a sock and seal the sock with a knot. Lie down on the floor with the tennis balls below your neck and press down while you turn your head gently left to right and up to down.



A cold compress restricts blood vessels and reduces inflammation, while a hot compress increases blood flow. Hot water bottles work wonderfully.


Use Essential Oils:

These highly concentrated aromatic compounds work wonderfully to alleviate headaches. Apply Peppermint oil to the temples to release tension headaches and for migraine headaches apply Lavender oil just below your nostrils so you can inhale it.

Hydrate: Drink plenty of fluids in small steady doses and add some lemon or electrolytes into your water.

ACUPRESSURE: The Hegu point is located at the base of your thumb and index finger on the left hand. Massage it with your right thumb and index finger.