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Law of Detachment

Author: Cashmere Lashkari April 6, 2020

It is one of the biggest ironies of the spiritual laws that what we desire to manifest comes from our sense of attachment to the result, and yet we can never use the Law of Attraction to manifest anything until we detach ourselves from the desire. Don’t let this confuse you into thinking that you shouldn’t desire anything.

The idea here is that you have clear intention to create something in your life, but at the same time you don’t let that desire rule you. You must relinquish the attachment you feel to the end result and realize that life is truly just enjoying the journey and not a rush to reach the destination.

How does being detached help manifest things faster? You have your intention set, and you are paying attention to how you will achieve it. Detachment takes away the expectation to do everything at once, to do everything in a manner that you feel is correct. Instead it allows you to trust the Universe to have your back.

Let’s take an example to make this clearer. Suppose you need some extra money of X amount, you decide that the way to do this is to get a promotion at work. You focus your attention on all activities that show you up favourably to your bosses. You work on the affirmations and demand the promotion using the Law of Attraction. Then you don’t get the promotion and you decide it’s all hocus pocus and doesn’t work.

What happened here was that you were so focused on a single solution, you didn’t allow the Universe any choice in giving your what you needed. Take two! You want to increase your coffers by X amount. You leave it up to the Universe to send it to you in the interest of your highest good. You keep going about your daily routine, and give thanks for the extra financial abundance that you know you are about to receive.

The next thing you know you could have won the lottery, been left X amount in the will of an elderly departed relative, won an online contest, or anything else which led to receiving the money you asked for. This is why you need to practice detachment from the process of manifestation.

Attachment come from scare or poverty consciousness. Here the thinking is three dimensional. You feel like there are limited resources and you will have to grab what you need. On the other hand detachment comes from abundance or wealth consciousness. You know you are born of a loving Universe that will take care of all your needs. You don’t try to micro-manage everything because you trust only good will happen.


Today’s Call to Action

Giving up attachment and rigidity.

It’s easier said than done. Being so used to planning out all the activities that you need to complete each day is ingrained in all of us. So sit back and let the Universe into the driving seat can be a change that is strongly resisted.

Yet, you are not being asked to give up desires and expectations. You are still to set your intention and pay attention to bringing it forth into reality. All you have to do it stop being rigid in your demands of how that comes to pass. To allow the Universe some say in how to manifest your expectations easily.

How would you do that? By reprogramming your mind to accept that you may not know the best way to accomplish the task. That a higher intelligence is available to help you do so. Ask “what” you need, and leave the “how” it will be done, to the Universe.



~ I trust the Universe to have my back.

~ Solutions spontaneously emerge from the chaos and confusion of the situation. I accept them with gratitude.

~ I accept uncertainty and disorder with joy, knowing they will only expand the field of endless possibilities.


I wish you flexibility in your thoughts.

Love and light always,

– Cashmere