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Orgasm Your Way to Good Health

Author: Apeksha Fozdar for Happy Soul May 19, 2020

“I don’t know the question, but sex is the answer.” The famous line was once quoted by veteran American director Woody Allen, and indeed it is a solution to a lot of problems. Sex and orgasms have been two things that can spice up your love life if done correctly. Moreover, feeling orgasmic can solve several physical, mental, and emotional problems, and that is exactly what we are excitedly exploring in this article.

An orgasm is an indescribable feeling of pure pleasure that occurs when you indulge in a sexual activity. Other terms used for orgasm are climaxing, ejaculation or cumming. Some physiological reactions when you feel orgasm are a different way in which you breathe. Also, your heart will start beating faster. Whether it is clitoral or vaginal orgasm for women or ejaculation for men, the genital muscles will contract followed by sexual tension release. The entire experience is extremely satisfying and intense both for men and women.

Before getting on to the benefits of orgasms, it’s interesting how male ejaculation is mandatory to fertilize the eggs in the female reproductive system, but a woman’s orgasm isn’t essential to the process of baby making. Whether through sex with a partner, masturbation or simply a wet dream, the benefits of orgasms are just the same.

Physical or health benefits of orgasms


The following is a list of the major health benefits that you can derive as a result of regular orgasms-

1. Better pelvic circulation-

Pelvic movement is very important for both men and women. While men get enough of it during sex, women usually have to find the scope through other activities. For example, pelvic exercises, belly dancing, or hula hoop are great ways to get some pelvic circulation.


2. Glowing skin-

Yes! Every wondered where the post-sex glow comes from? Orgasms, enhance the release of oxytocin that in turn reduces cortisol levels in the body. You feel fresh and hence your skin shows that glow. In addition, with the blood flow through the body, more blood cells carrying oxygen reach your face.


3. Regulation of menstrual cycles-

Did you know that good sex could lead to better regulation of menstrual cycles? On the other hand, irregular or dissatisfactory sex results in sporadic menstruation for women.

4. Pain-killer-

The best fact probably is that orgasms can help in reducing menstrual cramps due to the release of endorphins and oxytocin. A lot of people say that regular sex helps them to stay at bay from headaches too.


5. Better immunity

The improved immune system is a common benefit that both men and women can derive from regular orgasms and a healthy sex life.


6. Anti-Aging-

Orgasms lead to increase of the hormone, estrogen which prevents collagen from decreasing. Estrogen also locks in moisture, keeping your skin plump.

7. Better Sleep-

Orgasms release a cocktail of hormones that relax you deeply and help you sleep better. As a direct benefit, you wake up healthier and fresher the next day.


Emotional and mental benefits of orgasms:

Both men and women derive several emotional and mental benefits from good sex and orgasms. Besides the benefits mentioned above, Good sleep benefits the mind, emotional state and body and so it falls under various categories. A few other known benefits that must be mentioned are-

  • You bond better with your partner as oxytocin released is also called the love hormone.
  • Orgasms help to improve focus and concentration
  • Your self-esteem increases
  • You become a happier person

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