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Tapping into Energy Through Tarot

Author: Cashmere Lashkari April 23, 2020

The entire Cosmos is made up of shared energy vibrations. At a very basic level everything around us is energy. Everyone we know is a collection of energy vibrations. Every piece of wisdom, every spiritual law, every metaphysical rule is part of this shared energy in the known universe.

All too often human beings develop a sense of duality. We see ourselves as individuals. Separate from others around us, separate even from the powers that created us. A distinct but free flowing particle in the cosmic ocean of energy. Yet, this distinction is false. This sense of separation only exists in the human mind.

The truth is that you are not separate. You are a part of the whole. You are not alone. You are connected. At any given moment in time and space, you are energetically connected to the entire Universe. Just as the energy of the Universe vibrates through you, your energy vibrates through the Universe.

So, when you feel anxious about a situation, or feel like you need some good advice, you can reach out to the entire Cosmos for guidance. The collective intelligence and wisdom of the Universe is at your fingertips, should you wish to access it. The will to develop this connection, this choice to listen to the energy vibrations, it depends on your free will.

From ancient times, there have been brave and adventurous souls, human beings who have sought to connect with the wisdom of the Cosmos. Over the ages different methods have been developed by human beings to tap into this energy. Reiki healers use the Universal Energy to conduct physical and emotional healing. Meditation practitioners use it to calm the mind and connect deeply to the energy.

Tarot readers use cards as a tool for divination, for accessing wisdom and providing guidance. In fact cards such as the Tarot decks, Oracle decks, Angel cards and Lenormand cards are amongst the most popular tools of exploring the wisdom of the Cosmos today. These may sound like different things but essentially they all serve a single purpose, to help boost your innate connection to the Universe.

Using Tarot cards it is possible to tap into the energies that vibrate through the Cosmos. Allowing the reader of the cards to access the most beneficial knowledge in a particular situation. For instance if you are planning to get married, you may wish to use a Tarot card reading to check if your chosen partner is right for you. A quick Relationship Reading can show how the two of you gel.

Suppose you are planning a major career shift. You are unsure if it’s the right thing to do, but your gut tells you to go ahead and made the change. You may get a Career Reading done to see if the planned move is going to be good for you. The reading will also outline possible challenges that you may face, as well as give potential solutions to deal with them.

You can even ask for guidance on behalf of your loved ones. For your parents health, for your friend’s finances, for your child’s academic choices, and even for your own self growth in spirituality. The point to remember is that guidance can be sought for anything big or small. If it is important to you, it is possible to consult the wisdom of the Universe for answers.

This guidance that the Tarot taps into from the Cosmos can be invaluable to ensure a healthy and hassle free life. The cards can be very astute and those who experience them for the first time, can find the accuracy of the readings truly surprising. The art of connecting with your intuition is a delicate one which needs a fair amount of practice. The readings are only as good as the reader.

You don’t need to learn how to read the Tarot yourself, you can find someone who has dedicated time and energy to master the art of Tarot readings. The benefits of knowing potential solutions for all the challenges that life throws your way, are immense.