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The 7-Step Detox Program

Author: Apeksha Fozdar for Happy Soul April 15, 2020

The 7-Step Detox Program

Detoxification is a natural process that the body does on its own every minute and every day. Then, why is there a need to practice extra detoxification? The answer is simple! There is a lot more toxin present in your body than it can flush out automatically. If you’re experiencing chronic fatigue, body odour, bad breath, brain fog, skin and digestive issues it’s time to seriously consider a good detox program.

Several reasons may lead to increased toxins in the body. Some of them include hormonal imbalance, eating unhealthy foods, regular intake of alcohol, strenuous exercise, emotional stress, and more. In addition, the chemicals present in products of cleaning and personal care, processed foods, drugs, pesticides, and preservatives are substances that only make things worse.

There are four goals of detoxification-

  • Pull out toxins from the storage sections of the body
  • Supporting the liver’s strength to break down all the toxins
  • Enhancing bile production that will carry away toxins
  • Helping other organs to eliminate toxins

Foods to eat and avoid:

While you are on a process of detoxification, follow a list of what to do and eat, and most importantly what to avoid to derive the best effects of detoxification.


You can enjoy eating:

  • All fresh fruits
  • Minimum four liters of water per day
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Green tea
  • Fresh and canned fish (in olive oil or water)
  • Seeds such as sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin
  • Deskinned chicken and other lean meats
  • Raw and unsalted nuts such as almonds, cashew, walnuts, and macadamia
  • Canned or dried legumes
  • Eggs (better if you use the organic variety)
  • Olive and coconut oil

Stay away from:

  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Sugar, maple syrup and anything else that contains an artificial sweetener
  • Gluten
  • Processed foods
  • Red meats

7-step detox program:

So now you have to spend the entire week to complete the 7-step detox program that will cleanse your body from within. Check out what all you must do:


1. Lemon juice & apple cider vinegar:

Make it a part of your morning ritual to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water. Fill a 1 liter bottle of water with the juice of 4 lemons and sip through the day.


2. Exercise:

Getting your system and limbs working so as to oxygenate and also aid blood circulation in the body is an extremely important part of detox. Whether it’s yoga, walking, swimming or a sport you play, it’s imperative to do so.


3. Sweating:

Sweating out is essential to expelling toxins through skin, which is the largest vehicle available in your body. You can indulge in any rigorous routine that will make you sweat and release or just hop into a sauna or steam room and say goodbye to your toxins.

4. Raw foods:

Try to shift focus from cooked food to ingredients that you can consume raw. It is because raw food contains a larger amount of enzymes and nutrients.


5. Mind-detox:

Practice at least 15-20 minutes of meditation every day to release toxins from your mind. Check out videos that talk about detox meditation and you can follow them.


6. Massage:

Massages are fabulous to promote blood flow and improve circulation to tissues, muscles and organs. Besides the mental and physical relaxation, it aids sleep, which is essential to a good detox, expels toxins through the lymphatic system and flush out toxins between cells.


7. Body brushing:

Detoxification requires cleansing from outside as well. For example, body brushing is a process of scrubbing of dry skin cells and dirt that deposit on the skin. Whether you dry brush or use a good scrub in the shower with a loofah, it invigorates your skin and stimulates the circulation and expelling of toxins below the surface skin as well.


8. Sleep:

When you sleep your body repairs and recharges itself and works to wash away the physical, emotional and mental toxins. A good sleep pattern gives you physical energy, mental clarity and emotional equilibrium.

On a final note: it’s never too early or too late to start a good detox program. Apart from a concentrated detox program, use these simple 7 steps to make detox a part of your daily routine as well.


NOTE: It’s not recommended to try any detox routine if you have a pre-existing health condition, unless you clear it with your doctor first.