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The Law of Deliberate Creation

Author: Cashmere Lashkari April 6, 2020

Everything is created twice. First in the mind and then in the physical world. When you feel like drinking a cup of tea, first you visualise it in your mind. You can practically smell the aroma and feel the heat of the first sip going down your throat. Then you do the necessary physical actions such as boiling the water and adding the tea leaves to make the cup of tea. Once it is ready, you now live out your visualisation by actually drinking the tea. This series of events is true of everything we do in life.

We are constantly creating our lives through our thoughts. Each morning that we wake up, we have a choice. We can think about the day to come in terms of positive experiences, such as being excited about meeting a friend and make it a positive day. Or we can think about how long it’s going to take to drive down to the friend’s house and crib about the traffic. We can choose each of these thoughts, both negative and positive.

Unfortunately, most of us are still stuck in the age old reptile brain, which only concerns itself with survival, and can see potential dangers everywhere. The natural reaction of any person to a situation is to think about how it will negatively impact them. We are hard-wired to look for danger, as our survival as a species depended on it.

This was essential for living in primitive times, however, this attitude is no longer necessary today. There is no shortage of food to eat and places to stay. The basic needs of most human beings are met in today’s world. If you are on the internet and reading this article, you definitely don’t have concerns about where your next meal is coming from.

The negative thoughts of impending danger that overwhelm us, are actually not serving our current purpose of evolving our souls. This is where we need to be deliberate about what we are thinking. To align our thoughts with what we truly want to create in our lives, rather than creating by accident through reptile brain thinking. The Law of Deliberate Creation states that we can choose what we wish to create deliberately.


Today’s Call to Action

Develop a goal creating ritual. The Law of Deliberate Creation works when you have something to focus on and a goal can help you achieve that focus. Have a goal that is clearly defined for it to come true.

Think of each aspect of your life. Career and finances. Family and friends. Travel and holidays. Health and lifestyle. Any other aspect that you wish to work on. Now sit down and come up with a goal for each of these different aspects. Write them down in a journal or post them on post-its where you will see them often.

Remember a goal is not a wish for things to be better. It is a statement of intent which is clearly defined, and the end result is measurable. For instance “I am living a healthy life” is not a goal, it is a desire.

Now consider these statements. “I eat five helping of fruits and vegetables every day.” or “I exercise for half an hour daily.” These are well defined goals. They can be measured and confirmed when completed.

Always express gratitude when you meet a goal. No matter how small it is. This again swings the vibration of the Universe to what you desire more of in life. While your goals can be used as affirmations, it is also good to deliberately remind yourself that you have goals, and that you are striving to meet them each day.



~ I have the focus to achieve my daily goals.

~ I achieve my goals easily and effortlessly.

~ I let go of all resistance and write down my goals regularly.

~ Everything I do allows me to move closer to achieving my long term goals.


I wish you happy goal setting

Love and light always,

– Cashmere