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The Law of Vibration

Author: Cashmere Lashkari April 6, 2020

Just as the world is governed by a set of physical laws, there is a set of spiritual laws that governs our souls and the energy world. Energy is everywhere, energy exists in everything. Whether it is a living animal like your pet dog, or the beautiful flower arrangement of gladioli on your dining table, everything is made up of its own energy. Everything has energy.

As any atomic scientist will tell you, energy has its own vibration. This means everything has it’s own vibration. High energy levels are synonymous with high levels of vibration, and vice versa. We acknowledge this truth even in our colloquial speech. Often a person will complain about feeling low. This simply refers to his low energy levels and corresponding low level vibrations.

Most new age and spiritual practices are aimed at raising our vibe! This literally means staying in high energy level states so that our vibrations are high. A number of different practices can be useful in attaining this form. The primary three are your diet, exercise regimen and meditation practice.

If everything contains energy, each morsel of food that goes into your mouth will be adding their energy to your energy body. Foods laden with the heavy energies of preservatives and pesticides are likely to lower your energy as you consume them. That’s why its important to eat freshly cooked food, sourced from healthy ingredients.

We live in an ocean of motion. The constant vibration of everything physical can be charged up using certain techniques. For instance when we boil water, the energy increases in each molecule till it is vibrating so fast that it escapes into water vapour. Similarly when we exercise our body, our own energy levels go up due to the various chemical and metabolic reactions that take place.

Physical exercise is a good place for the layman to start when they want to raise their vibrations. However, mental thoughts can contribute just as well to raising or lowering your energies. By keeping a positive attitude, de-cluttering the brain of unnecessary thoughts and being receptive to the guidance of your higher self, you can raise your energy levels very quickly. All of this is possible when you build a regular meditation practice.

Today’s Call to Action

Three steps to raise your vibrations


1. Pay attention to what you are eating eat each meal

Is it possible to eat healthier by adding dry-fruits? Try and get the five helping of fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet everyday. Add more water to your daily consumption, almost all of us are not drinking enough for the body’s metabolism to work effectively. Eat home cooked food rather than fast food.


2. Look for opportunities to get physical

Take a walk during your lunch break. Plan a game of tennis with a friend on the weekend. Go for a hike with your family once a month. Put on the music and dance for three songs. Any form of exercise that you enjoy from swimming to jogging, is acceptable. Just get that body moving to make the endorphins flow.


3. Meditate

Just sit down for five to ten minutes during the day with your eyes closed. Identify the time when you can do this everyday. Being consistent matters when building a meditation practice. If you are uncomfortable with the silence, try guided mediations from the internet or use an app. Using an affirmation to anchor your thoughts also helps.



~ Every action I take is focused on maintaining a high level of energy in my physical body and my mental state of being.

~ My spirit is joyful as I vibrate in sync with my higher self.


I wish you high energy vibes!

Love and light always,