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The Magic of Hempseed Oil

Author: Jacqui Stanton April 6, 2020

Hempseed oil is a huge health trend worldwide. It’s rich green colour and nutty taste has people adding it to their smoothies, salad dressing, cereal and even their bodies. So while it’s hip… is it healthy?

Extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant (cannabis sativa), hemp oil is composed of protein, carbohydrates and fibre. In fact 25% of its total calories come from protein, in comparison to chia and flaxseeds which provide only 16% – 18%. Our bodies use consumed proteins and amino acids as building blocks for repair and regeneration across the body. Hemp seeds are a complete protein source because they provide all the essential amino acids, a rarity in the plant kingdom. Quinoa and amaranth are other examples of plant based complete proteins.

While coming from the same plant species as marijuana, hemp is cultivated purely for its fibre and edible seeds. It has minimal traces (0.3%) of the compound THC (the psychoactive component), so no, it won’t get you high!