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The History of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is undeniably making its place known in the world of wellness & healing sciences. Alkemist Ixchel Leigh shows you the way to making positive changes & a healthier life […]

Smell and Wellbeing

Did you know a sniff can be life changing? Ixchel Leigh explains how the power of essential oils invite success, happiness, peace, energy, personal power and so much more! Wondering […]

Ganesh and Essential Oils

Internationally acclaimed Fragrance Alchemist Ixchel leigh gives us an interesting blend of religion, spirituality and alternative sciences through aromatherapy. Dispel negativity, lower vibrations, evil &dark energies, toxicity, & blockages. It’s […]

Crystal Healing for Emotional Balance

Explore “healing with crystals” as you tap into energy of crystals and discover which ones are the most potent and powerful to unblock & recharge yourself on emotional, psychological, mental, […]