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Pratyahara: Last Anga of Yoga

If digital detox seems an impossibility, its time activate other ways to keep yourself focused, calm and centered. Through Pratyahara, you will learn how to overcome fear and anxiety and […]

Spice Up Your Sex Life

A boring sex life only aggravates relationship issues. Positive relationships include a healthy sex life. If you want to get your relationship back on track it’s time rekindle the fire […]

7 Unusual & Fun Forms of Yoga

Explore the top 7 fun and unusual forms of Yoga . Traditional yoga is incredible but it’s been given a fabulous new energy with these interesting and out-of-the-box exercise practices. […]

De-Clutter Your Way to A Successful Life!

If your life feels that it lacks energy or is stagnant, or if you feel overwhelmed, the simple art of decluttering brings about untold positive changes. The science of NLP […]

Tapping into Energy Through Tarot

Tarot cards have traditionally been associated with occult practices and unexplained prophecies. A good tarot card reader has an incredible ability to tap into cosmic energy and virtually download information […]

My Journey with Reiki

Energy healers across the globe channel this powerful golden light with incredible healing power to transform your life, alleviate pain, disease and emotional suffering. In this article Aparna speaks of […]

Orgasm Your Way to Good Health

The intensity of an orgasm is not only extremely satisfying in many ways but also provides major health benefits – glowing skin, improved immunity, anti-aging and better sleep to name […]

Naturopathy for a Healthier Life

The principles of naturopathy view the whole person in regards to finding the cause of the disease and using the laws of nature to induce a cure. This holistic approach […]