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Our Story

Our Brand Philosophy

At Happy Soul We Believe Wellness is an Umbrella that Encompasses the Well-Being of Our Mind, Body, Energy, Soul and our Planet as well. Our objective is Holistic Wellness and to Provide Diverse Products, Experiences, Platforms, and Dissemination of Information in order to Enable Every Individual Achieve Optimum Mental, Emotional, Physical, Sexual, Social & Financial Wellness & to Transform into the Healthiest, Happiest most Evolved Versions of Themselves.

We focus on foods which are 100% natural, organic, and free from refined sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours & colours, antibiotics & pesticides.

All Skin Care and Beauty Products Represented by Happy Soul are free from Sulphates, Parabens, Silicone, Mineral oils, artificial fragrances and colours and are against animal testing and animal cruelty.
We Focus On Foods which are 100% Natural, Organic, and Free from Refined Sugar, Preservatives, Artificial flavours & Colours, Antibiotics & Pesticides.

We Seek To Open Minds Through Books, Music, Guided Meditations as Well as Alternative Science Therapies Through Listed Practitioners who are certified and come with the highest qualifications and recognised accreditations.

We Recognise the Adverse Impact of Stressful Workplace Dynamics and Seek to Promote Vitality, Health, Work Ethics, Positivity and Productivity to Organisations & Corporates through highly qualified workshops and trainers.
We are Sensitive To & Promote Environmental Wellness Which Includes Our Responsibility To Be Mindful Of Our Ecology, What We Consume, How We Discard & Recycle and to be Conscious Of Our Carbon Footprint and to encourage sustainability, eco-friendly, organic, recycled/upcycled product packaging.

Our Brand Vision

To be a one stop shop of premium quality products, services, experiences, travel and workshops in various verticals of wellness:
Wellness is a $6 trillion industry with 5.3% global economic output.


  • Personal care and beauty
  • Wellness tourism
  • Preventive and personalized medicine
  • Holistic sciences & metasciences
  • Wellness books, music and resources.
  • Workplace wellness
  • Healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss
  • Fitness / mind-body
  • Preventive and personalized medicine
  • Traditional and complementary medicine
  • Spa
  • Workplace wellness

About Partners

Happy Soul is a brand of Merchants of Wellness (India) LLP which is a registered LLP company in India.

Pooja bedi

Pooja Bedi - Founder Happy Soul,
Partner Magicians Of Wellness (India) LLP

Pooja Bedi is a well-recognised Film, TV and Media personality. Her Happy Soul Workshops conducted globally are an amalgamation of her study and experience in Quantam & Newtonian Physics. Her focus is to promote emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance and well-being, world over! Her award-winning weekly relationship column, Heart Chakra, has been published in India’s leading newspaper the Times of India over the last 15 years.

Pooja has over a decade of experience in holistic sciences , holds a diploma in clinical & spiritual hypnosis and regression with CHII and certifications in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Magnified Healing, Heal your life, NLP (neuro linguistic programming and has done courses/ workshops in essential oils, smudging, shamanism, soul temple and more.

Pooja represented India on Global Wellness Day 2020.

Pooja comes from a lineage of distinguished individuals. Her late grandfather Baba Bedi was a renowned healer and had an institute in cittadella, Italy. Her late grandmother Freda Bedi was one of the highest ordained Buddhist Nuns and has 3 books authored on her incredible life. Pooja’s Father, Kabir Bedi is an international film star and her late mother Protima Bedi was a prominent figure in the women’s rights movement as well as an acclaimed classical dancer.

Namrata Thakkar

Namrata Thakker - Founder Entrepreneur Excel,
Partner Magicians of Wellness (India) LLP

Namrata Thakker, Business Evangelist, Founder of "Entrepreneur Excel", a strong community of over 70000+ Entrepreneurs globally. She is a Global Citizen and a Social & Serial entrepreneur. Her mission is to make business, System and process driven, not people dependant and provides the most impactful and innovative solutions for same.

Entrepreneur Excel is community which empowers members to evolve in all areas of life it has benefited not only the entrepreneurs but also students, start-up founders, and anyone who is seeking a 'user manual' to navigate these tough times, but also upon varied aspects of this new normal life.

She has impacted in 40 different industries through her varied business interests. Namrata is a Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with Bussiness Opportunity Club Team, an Internationally Certified Success Coach, Mastered Louis Hay therapy ,Clearing Practitioner, BACH Flower Remedies Practitioner, Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner, Internationally Certified Master Facilitator, Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner and Life Transformation Coach.

Namrata has been trained and mentored by some of the great teacher leaders of the 21st century – Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Alex Mandossian, Paul Martinelli, Dr. Randin Brons, Denis Waitley, Larry Gilman, Brian Tracy, and John C. Maxwell.