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Cream for the care of any type of skin, especially for dull, toneless, friable, prone to the formation of oedema, including skin with symptoms of edematous cellulite. The cream nourishes, improves elasticity and tone of the skin, and stimulates microcirculation in blood and lymph vessels of the skin. Due to the high content of vitamin C, strengthens blood vessels, tones the skin, and stimulates cell renewal of the epidermis. Rubia cordifolia extract removes toxins from skin cells, normalizes metabolism. Extract bacopa improves microcirculation and has a pronounced protective effect against unfavourable environmental factors, including UV radiation, detergents, urban smog. As a result of the application of the cream leaves the skin smooth, resilient, beautiful colour and vitality.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 0.07 × 17 cm

200 ML ₹490

Apply the cream on the skin with light massaging movements until completely absorbed. Recommended as a final treatment in the framework of “Amsarveda Vitalizing spa program”.

Glycine soja (soya bean) oil, Garcina indica wax, Emblica officinalis(Amla)extract, Triticum sativa (wheat germ) oil, Prunus dulcis (almond) oil, Rubia cordifolia(manjistha)extract, Bacopa monnieri extract, Glycyhrriza glabra extract, Grape seed oil, Water.

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