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Brain Booster

A juice with kick and personality. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which could protect against free radical damage that occurs in dementia and Alzheimer’s. Spinach and kale are packed with great-for-your-brain nutrients like folate, iron, calcium vitamin E and K, while organic brahmi improves memory and fights depression & anxiety.

  • Tomatoes- 3
  • Spinach or Kale- 1 small bunch
  • Celery- 1 stalk, large
  • Jalapeno- 1 large (can replace with ¼ green bellpepper or ¼ tsp tabasco sauce)
  • lemon- 1 tbsp
  • Ice cubes: 4
  • Ow’Zeal Brahmi capsules- 2 capsules (open & remove contents)
  1. Put all the vegetable in a juicer.
  2. Combine the juice with lemon, jalapeno and ice in a blender.