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Chilled Pumpkin Soup

  • Roasted pumpkin  90g
  • Garlic  6g
  • Chopped onion  25g
  • Cinnamon powder  1g
  • Nutmeg Powder  1g
  • Clove  2pcs
  • Coconut milk  50ml
  • Veg stock  40ml


For garnish:

  • Oil  10 ml
  • Pumpkin seeds  1g
  • Coriander not chopped  0.5g (whole leaf)
  1.  In a heat pan, add oil, whole cloves, garlic, onion and cook until it gets transparent, slow down the gas add roasted pumpkin, grated nutmeg and cinnamon powder.
  2.  Mix it well and add veg stock and reduce it little and let It cool down.
  3.  Make a puree by putting all the ingredients into mixture, make a paste.
  4.  Take a pan, add the puree and coconut milk.
  5.  Cook until you get soup consistency and garnish with pumpkin seeds and coriander on top.


Storage Time:

  1. In Fridge: 3  4 days
  2. In Freezer: 3 weeks