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Forbidden Rice Risotto with Mushrooms & Spinach

  • Forbidden rice cooked  180g
  • Mushroom  40g
  • Spinach cooked  30g
  • Onion  20g
  • Garlic  5g
  • Microgreens  1g
  • Veg stock  30ml
  • Parsley  1g
  • Extra virgin olive oil  10ml
  • Amaranth flour  8g
  • Almond milk  60ml
  • Dill leaves  2g
  • Salt  2 pinch
  • Edible flower  1 nos
  • Pepper  0.5g

For the rice:

  1. Pressure cook forbidden rice, 1 cup rice two cups water ratio. Pressure cooks for 45 whistles to have risotto doneness in the rice.
  2.  Drain the rice, if there are any liquids. And allow the rice to cool down towards room temperature.


For risotto:

  1.  Finely chop onion and garlic.
  2.  Chop mushroom into quarters.
  3.  Roughly chop fresh spinach.
  4.  Chop parsley & dill very fine, only the leaves.
  5.  Mix amaranth flour with almond milk in a separate bowl.


For assembling:

  1.  On a warm pan, saute chopped onion and garlic in olive oil.
  2.  Add sliced mushrooms and saute well.
  3.  Add the cooked rice and saute with the rest of the ingredients
  4.  Add the mixture of amaranth flour and almond milk.
  5.  Add veg stock to reach a saucy consistency.
  6.  Finish with salt, pepper, chopped parsley, dill leaves, microgreens & edible flower.
About The Dish:

Organic black forbidden rice, button mushrooms and fresh spinach in a delicious almond milk base.