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Glutenfree Bowl


For Khow suey paste:

  • Onion  100g
  • Garlic fresh  15g
  • Lemon grass  10g
  • Fresh turmeric root  10g
  • Galangal  15g
  • Peppercorns  2g
  • Sunflower oil  2ml
  • Ice cubes  30g


For the noodle:

  • Khow suey paste  35g
  • Veg stock  50ml
  • Coconut milk tin  100ml
  • Edamame noodles cooked  80g
  • Bok choy  30g
  • Salt  1 pinch
  • Immune powder  1g


For the topping:

  • Cured egg – 1 nos
  • Sprouts  15g
  • Microgreens  1g
  • Edible flower  1 nos
  • Brown Onion  10g
  • Lemon  1 wedge
  • Coconut crusted Tofu  60g

For Khow suey paste:

  1.  Cut onion into cubes.
  2.  Gently saute till the onion is fully cooked and turn golden brown.
  3.  Roughly chop galangal, fresh turmeric roots and lemongrass.
  4.  In a blender, add the cooked onion with galangal, ice cubes, turmeric roots, lemon grass, garlic and pepper corns.
  5.  Blend to create a fine curry paste.
  6.  Add a little sunflower oil to preserve the paste. 

For the noodle:

  1.  In a pot, gently saute bok choy in khow suey paste.
  2.  Add veg stock.
  3.  Add edamame noodles, salt and immune powder.
  4.  Finish with coconut milk.

For assembling:

  1.  Plate the noodle with the broth in a bowl.
  2.  Serve with accompaniments such as cured egg, coconut crusted tofu, sprouts, brown onion and lemon wedge on the side as per pic.
  3.  Garnish with microgreens & edible flower.
About The Dish:

A healthy take on Khow Suey. Glutenfree edamame noodles and bok choy served with an energizing ayurvedic coconut milk broth. Accompanied with cured egg, coconut crusted tofu, sprouts, browned onion and lemon.