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Khow Suey Paste

  • Onion  100g
  • Garlic fresh  15g
  • Lemon grass  10g
  • Fresh turmeric root  10g
  • Galangal  15g
  • Peppercorns  2g
  • Sunflower oil  2ml
  • Ice cube  1 nos
  1.  Cut onion into cubes.
  2.  Gently saute till the onion is fully cooked and turn golden brown.
  3.  Roughly chop galangal, fresh turmeric roots and lemongrass.
  4.  In a blender, add the cooked onion with galangal, turmeric roots, lemon grass, garlic, pepper corns & ice cube.
  5.  Blend to create a fine curry paste.
  6.  Add a little sunflower oil to preserve the paste.


Storage Time:

  1. In Fridge: 6 days