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Mediterranean Curd Rice



  • Cooked Sonamasoori rice  120g
  • Curd  120g
  • Parsley  ½ g
  • Basil  2g
  • Rosemary  2g
  • Extra virgin olive oil  6ml
  • Salt  2 pinch
  • Pepper  1 pinch
  • Roasted beetroot  60g

Add on:

  • Rosemary chicken  80g

For the chicken add on:

  1. Chicken  80g
  2. Rosemary  5g
  3. Extra virgin olive oil  3ml
  4. Salt  0.5g


For Chicken:

  1.  Marinate chicken thigh with rosemary and extra virgin olive oil
  2.  Pan sear it tills the chicken is juicy and tender.


For Rice:

  1.  Steam sona masoori rice & keep to cool.
  2.  Chop parsley and basil.
  3.  In a hot pan add extra virgin olive oil with chopped rosemary.
  4.  Add curd into the warm rice.
  5.  Mix oil with rosemary in the rice.
  6.  Add chopped parsley and basil.
  7.  Add salt and pepper to finish.


For assembly:

  1.  Plate as per shown in photo.
  2.  Remember to add the chosen addons
About The Dish:

A cooling Mediterranean twist to the classic South Indian curd rice, with parsley, basil and rosemary. Accompanied by creamy beetroot & rosemary chicken.