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Post Workout Super Smoothie

Strawberries are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, while banana, rich in potassium, lowers blood pressure. Greek yogurt is packed with probiotics which are great for your gut health as well as an excellent source of calcium for bone health. It has also been associated with lowering blood pressure and reducing risk of type 2 diabetes.  Ow Heal – Herbo-cal heals bones, injured ligaments and tendons and improves bone density.

  •  2 cups strawberries
  •  Banana- 1, sliced and frozen
  •  Greek Yogurt- ½ cup
  •  Ice: 4 cubes, crushed
  •  Honey- 1 tbsp (optional)

Put all ingredients in a blender while adding crushed ice till you get to desired consistency.