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Probiotic Smoothie



  • Hung greek yogurt  150g
  • Honey  20g
  • Basil seeds  15g
  • Strawberry  40g


  • Granola  15g
  • Banana  20g
  • Frozen blueberry 5g
  • Basil seeds  5g
  • Psyllium husk  5g

SOP for processing:

  1.  Soak basil seeds with little water keep aside
  2.  Whisk lightly all the base ingredients together.


For Assembly:

  1.  Pour the smoothie in a bowl
  2.  Top with granola, banana, basil seeds, blueberries as per pic.
  3.  Sprinkle psyllium husk as shown in the picture to finish.
About The Dish:

Greek yoghurt rebalances your digestive system with this probiotic charmer whisked with strawberries. Topped with banana, blue berries, oats granola, basil seeds & psyllium.