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Ragi Pancake

  • Egg  1 nos
  • Coconut sugar  30g
  • Almond milk  80g
  • Ragi flour  80g
  • Baking powder  4g
  • Wild forest honey  20g
  • Vegan banana cashew cream  20g
  • White ginger butter  10g
  • Berry Compote  20g
  • Vanilla essence 2ml
  • Cold pressed sunflower Oil  20ml
  • Mint leaf  1 nos (for garnish)

For the batter

  1.  Whisk in whole eggs with sugar.
  2.  Once the mixture is combined, add milk followed by whisking in the dry ingredients.
  3.  Add oil and let it rest 10 minutes before Cooking

 For the pancake

  1.  On a heated nonstick fry pan & cook on medium heat.


  1.  Place pancakes as shown in photo.
  2.  Serve with ingredients mention in pancake assembly poster.
About The Dish:

A fibrerich ode to classic Indian grains, these glutenfree and dairyfree pancakes are made with Ragi flour, organic coconut sugar, freerange eggs and almond milk.