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Sama Cutlets


Potatoes- 3 medium
Sama ke chawal, cooked- 1 cup
Salt- 3/4 tsp
Cumin/ Jeera powder- 1 tsp
Green chillies, finely chopped- 2-3
Hefty handful of fresh coriander/ cilantro, chopped
Crushed peanuts- 2 tbsp
Peanut Powder- ¼ cup


Nutritional Count Per Serve-

  • Energy – 272 kcal
  • CHO – 47.6 gram
  • Protein – 9.8 gram
  • Fat – 5.0 gram
  • Fibre – 5.6 gram
  1. Steam the potatoes, till very soft. Cool a bit,and mash them.
  2. Add the cooked millets and all the spices, green chilies, crushed peanuts and coriander to the mashed potatoes. Mix it all very well. Taste and adjust for seasoning.
  3. Form into 12 equal sized balls, roll in peanut powder. Press them slightly to flatten them.
  4. Place the cutlets in a pan and cook the cutlets for 6-8 minutes each side till crispy and browned on both sides, Serve hot with any chutney/ sauce of your choice.
  5. Enjoy!

Chef Profile

Neha Ranglani

Email: makemefit@neharanglani.com

Website: https://www.neharanglani.com