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Vata Salad

  • Beetroot  30g
  • Carrot ribbons  40g
  • Cucumber  20g
  • Mixed lettuce  40g
  • Hemp seeds  5g
  • Sesame seeds  2g
  • Kasundi mustard dressing  30g
  • Microgreen  1g
  • Edible flower  1 nos

For Salad:

  1. Prepare beetroot slices and carrot ribbons.
  2.  Cut cucumber into diamonds.
  3.  Prepare salad leaves by washing and drying them.
  4.  Toast hemp seeds and sesame seeds very gently.


For Assembly:

  1.  In a salad bowl, add cucumber and salad leaves & toss with kasundi mustard dressing.
  2.  Plate it on a salad bowl and surround it with carrot & beetroot as per pic.
  3.  Top with hemp seeds and sesame seeds.
  4.  Garnish with microgreen & edible flower.
About The Dish:

Ribbons of beetroot and carrots, mixed lettuce, cucumber, hemp and sesame seeds and a kasundi mustard dressing come together to balance your Vata Dosha.