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Brain Booster

A juice with kick and personality. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which could protect against free radical damage that occurs in dementia and Alzheimer’s. Spinach and kale are packed with great-for-your-brain nutrients […]

Cellulite Buster

The most potent combination cuts down water retention, improves circulation, increases collagen, and helps clear the lymphatic system.

Detox Me

Cleanses the stomach, flushes out toxins & dissolves fat layer. Zap your waistline with this incredible slimming combination.

Guilt Free Organic Chocolate Smoothie

Organic turmeric chocolate or dark chocolate gives you a guilt free boost of health and happiness. Powerful source of antioxidants that boosts brain function and happy hormones. Plus all the […]

Happy & Balanced Woman : Smoothie

Pomegranate balances hormones, health, beauty & fertility while beetroots boost athletic performance, improve the efficiency of energy generation in cells, as well as help with mood swings and insomnia. Bananas […]

Happy Lungs

A wonderful anti-inflammatory juice, rich in antioxidants and combined with the power of pushkarmool for cough, tulsi to reduce stress and pippali to detoxify lungs. Apples and bananas are known […]

Healthy Heart Juice

Pomegranate is one of the most heart friendly juices as studies show it increases blood flow & prevents arteries from getting stiff & thick. Banana, rich in potassium lowers blood […]

High Energy

Beetroots are a superfood which detox the body, boost athletic performance, and improve the efficiency of energy generation in cells. Ashwagandha energises, invigorates, restores and builds energy while reducing stress, […]