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Ankur is a certified Theta healer, Angel therapist, Redikall, Reiki, and Oracle Card reader. Ankur provides healing on physical, emotional, and mental health issues. He has a special connection with the Creator and the Angels and has received guidance from them from time to time in his life and helped others in their journey too. He has clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience abilities which he uses effectively in healing. He is a specialist and combines several healing modalities to provide a holistic solution and drill the root cause.

Ankur’s philosophy is that one can dwell in spirituality along with enjoying worldly life. He comes from a software development background. He has healed multiple people based out of India, Poland, USA, Singapore, UAE, Netherland, UK, and Sri Lanka.





Ankur Khare Bangalore,

A certified Theta Healer, Angel Therapist, Redikall, Reiki, and Oracle Card Reader

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Ankur has been doing individual sessions, group sessions, and corporate events. He provides the integrated mind-body wellness solution based on the rare umbrella of different spiritual modalities used for healing citing the root causes. Every individual is different and so are their issues hence the solutions are provided in a professional and confidential setting based on the client’s problems and beliefs.

Mission: To connect individuals with their higher consciousness bringing a positive attitude, enhancing cognitive abilities and self-awareness leading towards emotional, mental, and physical fitness.

Vision: To make life exuberant for partners seeking alignment with higher consciousness.

Values: Openness, Truth, Integrity, Respect for Individual.


  • One-to-one sessions/readings – in person
  • One-to-one sessions/readings – online
  • Corporate group development and inner transformation programs (1-2 days event)


• Upliftment and harness the higher consciousness for: –

  • Oracle Card Reading: take help from angels to determine the life purpose, situations, and next steps
  • Angel Therapy: Tap the angelic realm and get help with the archangels
  • Group Meditation: Finding mindfulness and supporting each other together
  • Chakra healing: Balance the energy flow in 7 major chakras and nearly 256 minor chakras to promote good health, harmony and well being
  • Meditation: The first step to mindfulness
  • Pendulum dowsing: Get the answers from your inner self
  • Radikall Healing: Connect with your higher self and use the affirmations to restructure your faith
  • Reiki: Energy therapy used to cure mental, physical, and emotional ailments
  • Connection with Spirit guides and ascended masters: unhide the meaning and reason of situations in life.

• Healing of mental, physical and emotional issues related to but not limited to: –

  • Stress/Anxiety, Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Career & professional development
  • Trauma
  • Ailment root cause debugging

• Wellness Coaching: Wellness coaching involves dedicated time working with the individual to improve their health and helping them achieve a healthier mind and body.