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Arpita Banerjee


I am Arpita Banerjee, founder of Guiding Angels (an institute for alternative healing). I was introduced to this beautiful parallel “world of energy” in 2009 and since then there has been no looking back. I chose tarot cards as my beacon to enlighten my own path as well other people who have gone into the darkness of chaos and confusion. I have been facilitating people from all walks of life regarding their career, relationships, financial and many other issues. I have a special connection with tarot cards. I feel that it opens up a portal of awareness and is one of the most trusted self guide tools for personal and professional guidance.

My tarot sessions are enriched with the essence of all the studies I have done of various different modalities. My objective to use tarot along with the knowledge of my other studies is to empower people and to help them acknowledge their own infinite potentials and ability to make expansive choices.


Arpita Banerjee Kolkata,

Tarot Card Reader

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Tarot cards help us visualize the story of our lives. They hold up a mirror to our souls and require the reader to tap their inner wisdom in order to understand deeper truths.

Each deck of 78 cards helps us uncover spiritual lessons and guide us on the challenges of everyday life. In order to achieve a successful reading, we have to look beyond the conscious and subconscious mind to access inner wisdom and universal truths.

When used properly, tarot cards can be an incredible tool for direction and guidance.