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Ashish Prajapati


I am a yoga teacher with a vision to inspire you under my tutelage in achieving an impeccable body that lets you live a life free from ailments and filled with joy so that you can proceed with your day unhindered. With years of experience in competitive yoga practice and service with the Ramakrishna Mission, I offer you a chance to learn from me the secrets to a sound body and mind.


Ashish Prajapati Indore,

Fitness, Hatha Yoga, and Yoga Therapy

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The body is analogous to a machine… it requires routine maintenance to last healthier, happier and thereby, longer. Health is not merely freedom from disease. For good health, all systems of the body must function with great efficiency including the mind, which is naturally active and dynamic. Unhealthy bodies, however, tend to house either sluggish or anxious minds. It is the practice of yoga which tones the body-mind system to bring it to tranquility. In my class, I teach how to reconcile pranayama, dharana, and dhyana with emphasis on the practice of asana, catering to the needs of specific body constitutions and physical conditions. The practice of asana involves vertical, horizontal, and cyclical movements, which ameliorate the body by stimulating specific glands that need attention. Over a period of time, and with regular practice, yoga helps anyone achieve holistic well-being. Thus, with a healthy body, a clear mind, and pure emotions, the practitioner is bound to excel in their lives.


1) Yoga for Holistic — Health Class

– Enroll in an intense and stimulating yoga routine that engages the body, mind, and soul.

– Relieve yourself from the bounds of an unhealthy body, with freedom to focus on the richer aspects of your life.


2) Therapeutic Yoga Class

Therapeutic Yoga provides relief from the following chronic ailments (provided you are dedicated and invest your time sincerely):

– Skeleto-muscular Disorders: Arthritis of the knee, shoulder, cervical spondylosis, lower back pain, slipped disc, ankylosing spondylosis and sciatica pain.

– Circulatory Disorders: Heart problems, relief from angina pain, hypertension and circulatory problems in the legs.

– Digestive Disorders: Constipation, acidity, flatulence, diabetes, colitis, hiatus hernia.

– Respiratory Disorders: asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis.

– Nervous Disorders: headache and migraine.