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David J Lincoln


Dr. David Lincoln is a psychologist and naturopathic doctor with specialization in the mind-body connection and a Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis.

He heads the accreditation for the premier and only accreditation organization for NLP in India, the ANLP.

Dr. David has over 40years of experience in the domain of NLP and hypnosis. He has experience in all aspects people business from individuals to large groups to 10,000 plus people.

Dr. David can also deal with extremely difficult problems and ones that others have given up on.


David J Lincoln Goa, Anjuna

Master Trainer of Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Price on Request


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) is a technology that helps you understand how your Language (the words you use) affect your thinking (Brain). By using the right Language you can influence yourself and others. NLP has a lot of processes that help you control your emotions and the way you think, leading to achieving your goals or outcomes easily and effortlessly.

NLP can be used content free as it is only interested in how you want to be not what you were. Problem driven solution-focused.


You can either attend a 5 day NLP Practitioner programme or consult him personally to achieve life-changing personal and professional transformation.