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Dhyan Shanto


Dhyan Shanto has been practising meditation for more than 18 years. His meditation experience includes Osho Active Meditations and Meditative Therapies like, OSHO Mystic Rose, No-Mind, Born Again, Awareness Intensive: Who Is In?, Tantra, Meditation Coaching, Meditation Counselling and many more.

Shanto also runs a Social Enterprise by the name Carry Your Bottle. This is an avenue where he explores his awareness while running a business together with his love of taking care of the environment. He feels that there is no division between work and life. Work is part of life. Your passion is part of your life and there shall be no separation between work and personal life, it more about creating a flow in life where you watch yourself in calmness and in the middle of typhoons too.

“My experience with meditations has transformed my whole being and has given me a glimpse of what life is and a way of living. This understanding has come from a silent space within and not as a doctrine to follow: it’s about following my heart and living spontaneously. Sound Therapy has supported my experience of oneness and helped me to go deeper into my meditation. And the mysterious life journey continues”.


Dhyan Shanto – Ram Doultani Goa, Assagao

OSHO Active Meditation, Sound Healing and Emotional Counselling.

Price on Request


One on One Sound healing session, for physical and emotional wellness. Sound healing is a powerful modality that takes you in a state of meditation and creates a balance in your being on mental, physical, energy and cellular level. In a session, we work on cellular detox, energy clearing and chakra balancing. Depending on the need, one can choose to receive one session to experience the state of beyond with sound or multiple sessions to work on a specific issue.

Group sound healing sessions are done for relaxation and chakra meditation with Bowls and Gongs.

Meditation Session, Emotional Healing sessions and Group Meditations:

Active meditations are methods devised by OSHO for the modern man. In this contemporary world of so much activity and fast-paced lifestyle, it is not easy for people to sit calmly in a relaxed state.  Active meditation is a quicker and scientifically proven way to enter into meditation.

Active meditation involves breathing, dancing, shaking, laughing, etc. to take you to a state of silence and to connect with yourself. These exercises, sessions, counselling and other methods help individuals to release emotional blockages and defuse stress-related issues, thereby enhancing their life, increasing self-esteem, reducing stress, connecting to their state of awareness and making them more conscious.

This work is done as sessions, for individuals, couples and groups. The meditation and program is design on the needs of the people.


Sound Healing creates a balance at the mental, physical, energy and cellular level, encouraging cellular detox, energy clearing and chakra balancing.
Meditation and Emotional Healing helps to release emotional blockages and defuse stress related issues, in turn increasing self-esteem, reducing stress and providing a connection to one’s state of awareness.