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Dr. RKS Mangesh Dash


Dr. Mangesh is master Practitioner of NLP under ANLP India and a popular coach, OD consultant, psychotherapist and researcher of mindpower. Being a professor & corporate trainer in the field of Behavioural Sciences & HRM, he is guiding PhD level research scholars in NLP.

With his 26 years of experience, he is considered as a sought-after expert who synchronizes NLP into different business practices of corporates and that has made him unique as compared to any other NLP experts. He has been honoured with NIPM SB Misra Gold Medal for Excellence in HR (2006).


Dr. RKS Mangesh Dash Mumbai, Bhubaneswar


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His areas of expertise include –

  1. NLP in Business and for Entrepreneurs
  2. NLP for corporates of all sectors
  3. Rewiring achievers mindset
  4. Strengthening life for self employed celebrities
  5. NLP for public speaking
  6. NLP for political leaders
  7. Developing winning mindset of sports personnel including cricket
  8. Breakthrough coaching


  1. Empowered life
  2. Result as decided
  3. Valuable personal experience
  4. Scientific process
  5. Increased choice
  6. Adding new personal resources
  7. Learning language of possibility
  8. Strengthen celebrity positioning
  9. Peace with life