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Kshitij Sharma


Kshitij has a practical experience of over 3000 plus hours of professional coaching. In a career spanning over two decades, he has coached hundreds of leaders, both women and men, from organizations such as Microsoft, JP Morgan, Airbus, Wipro, Cisco, Duetsche Bank, Accenture, HSBC, KPMG, Grant Thornton, E&Y, Actuant, Voisin Bioscience, Societe General and many more. His deeper understanding of the challenges and yearnings of the senior corporate leaders in the wide array of roles like CEOs, country heads and various CXOs has helped him coach these leaders on goals spanning from priority management to emotional intelligence and from business/career growth to public speaking.

Kshitij is a passionate advocate of women to be in the leadership roles and he is very well known in the industry for coaching leaders on creating a powerful executive presence.

Kshitij’s coaching philosophy is that we all have all the answers within us. We just need somebody to support us in discovering them through asking powerful questions. Awareness of our purpose is the first step in rediscovering greatness within. Once we are aware of our ‘why’, all the right actions emerge which leads to success and fulfilment. Kshitij’s own ‘why’ has been to support leaders in this philosophy and be a catalyst in their journey to be more fulfilled and successful in their careers.

Publications –

He is a contributing author of the book “Leadership and Role Modelling” published by Palgrave Macmillan in The Netherlands.


Kshitij Sharma Bangalore,

Executive Coach/NLP Master Practitioner

Price on Request


I support business leaders to step up their executive presence. If you are a business leader looking to step up your executive presence or a woman leader wanting to move to the next level, do reach out to me.

On Offer:  A 7-step master framework to boost executive presence in 120 days through one on one executive coaching.

My two areas of passion and super specialization are:
– Leadership coaching for women
– Building a powerful executive presence (women & men)