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Paul George


Paul is a full-time life coach equipped with a PCC certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He is a certified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as a certified Cancer Healing Coach. His clientele includes individuals in the IT sector, the aviation industry, and real estate as well as individuals in the health care system. Paul is focused on making the Mental Fitness Industry (MFI) a household name with mental health being a priority to the masses.

Paul’s dream is to help and inspire people to be able to learn from their own experiences using simple communication methodologies and lead fulfilled lives. He hopes to one day start a foundation that helps autistic individuals better explore their potential and not conform to limitations conceived by others.


Paul George Bangalore,

NLP Coach and NLP Trainer

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Paul comes from a background of a vast volume of learning experiences. Not just from a career stand point, also from a personal life (Relationships / Spirituality / Friends) point of view. Given the experiences in his life, he fought through a lot of negative emotions and unwanted states of mind. While you train with Paul, he will take you through how to successfully apply your learnings to your day to day life and make the changes that you have always wanted to make. And this can be done in each area, at a balanced rate. So, you can sustain a happy lifestyle! Paul has a great thirst for knowledge, and that thirst for knowledge helps him to get to the root cause of issues / problems. And his experience has firmly embedded his philosophy in him which is everything begins in the mind, triggered by a simple thought!

NLP will help you as a person, in proportion to exactly how much you want to help yourself.

I look at it like this. Have you ever seen an orchestra? Isn’t it amazing how so many people come together, all playing their instrument to perfection in absolutely the right harmony and keeping to the timing and the beat. They stick to the right tone, and only if they are in sync will they be able to produce a pleasant tune. And for all that to happen they need a conductor! So, NLP is like the conductor of the mind!


Well, there is a lot to expect actually. Once you complete the program, it does take some time for you to go back and ponder over all you have been doing, thinking, behaving, imagining, prioritizing etc. etc. since the time you can consciously remember. Once you re-look at all of that … you will be able to chalk out a focused way forward for yourself to progressively realize something that you truly desire. And then you will begin adapt and embody the NLP methodology to pursue what you want to do in life. It’s fairly simple. All you need to do is attend the program and see for yourself how this will change everything. Make meaning to so many things that you never attached any meaning to. This is all provided you want to make a change in your life and be a happy soul!