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Payal Anand Goradia


I have done my MBA from the University of Wales (TSD), UK. During my stay, I had got an opportunity to do live TV show On Sunrise Channel (Asian Channel) with a viewership of over one lakh audience 365 days. As a celebrity, I have worked over two and a half years on the channel which has given me a good number of followers and dedicated clients who still consult me.

My major business of predictions is on references. I have clients across many countries. In the USA I have done radio shows on Asian channel for a limited period.  there are many youtube videos on my personal name Payal Goradia of my live TV performance.
Rays Healer is as ISO 9001-2015 certified for many modalities that we practice in our studio at Malad, Mumbai.


Payal Anand Goradia ,

Tarot Reader

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My love for Osho zen Cards started in 2008 when I was introduced by my Teacher. The softness of every card took me to another level of understanding deeper and deeper to attain the correct meaning and transmuting of every card. I started developing high intuitions and connection with my cards. The level of accuracy always risen with every reading and that makes me more attuned towards my passion to heal and give future insight into every life.

Tarot cards reader and teacher: tarot cards have been in existence for thousands of years which have been used as a tool for predicting deep insight on ones past, present and future as light-hearted. It is a way for unseen Occult information about a various situation and much more.  Tarot deck has 79 cards which have a brief description of endless questions being answered in every card. Every card is unique in its own way and has positive answers.

We use Osho Zen tarot cards which is not a traditional Tarot deck where you are allowed to play with prediction, rather it is the transcendental game of Zen which mirrors the movement unwavering presenting what is yours now without judgement or comparison. Reading Osho zen tarot cards is a wake-up call to tune into sensitivity, intuitions, compassion, receptivity, courage and individuality.

Zen cards are 79 cards in total with 22 major Arcana which appears in a reading having special significance over Minor Arcana which is 56 cards divided into four suits. Zen cards have 1 universal Osho zen master cards which is the card of spiritual being.


Osho Zen Tarot cards not only help in analyzing the prediction but also helps with remedies and solutions which every card has. the power of these cards can transform a life. Over 11 years of experience in Reading and teaching, I have seen cards giving their own answers and we are just the mediator to converse what the cards are saying. the channelizing with your superiors and higher self becomes so strong and powerful that whosoever comes for reading is always connected in its own way to the cards due to its softness and positive approach.

Osho Zen cards are very positive cards which help in creating a better future. it does not any dark side and its power of accuracy has ruled over the hearts of many clients. The client experiences the fact and foreseen happening in their life and can be alert of the events and danger which can be forecast.