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Peter Singh & Neeno Kaur


I, Peter Singh, 74 years old along with my wife Neeno Kaur, who is 65 years old have come together to work on a sustainable home where we grow our own food.

We both share a passion for Sustainable Organic Living, to grow our own Vegetables, Fruits and Fish at our home. Also, we sell some vegetables in our neighbourhood.

Although we work together, we have divided our activities into two streams equally, based on our core capabilities and interests, which fall in absolute synergy to form a wholesome rich concept!

We also work on permaculture and compost our kitchen and garden waste using red worms, so no waste leaves our home except recyclable paper and allied stuff.


Peter Singh & Neeno Kaur Delhi Goa Lucknow,


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We perform Aquaponics with Permaculture.

As we have limited space in Goa, we experimented and discovered Aquaponics right from scratch. We downloaded notes from Universities, and read about it. That’s when this model came into inception.

We breed 120Kg of Fish annually and grow over 3000 varieties of Fish, Vegetables and Fruits.

We compost our kitchen and garden waste and use it in our Aquaponics. Plants are potted in a layer of gravel, 1/3rd of coco peat and 2/3rd of compost. So, our plants get compost with Fish waste, which results in a higher yield. We don’t make use of any chemicals for this, and I am taking care of my waste and food as well with an intention of  keeping Mother Earth relaxed.

If we automate the system, and infuse Solar power, then costing will go down substantially. We are also working on growing feed for fish. So our whole system marks itself as self-dependent.

We are hoping that people will learn from this system and eat healthy food which is the most crucial need of the hour.


One gets to learn and adapt to the following Techniques:

  • Aquaponics skills

  • Self-Reliant Food making and Fish breeding

  • Smart Disposal of Garbage


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