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Pratishtha Sharma


Pratishtha Sharma is a certified advanced life coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Her core competence is to help people build confidence in their abilities and overcome self-doubt. From a Vice President of a multinational company to a co-founder of an organization, to a young state champion of skating, she has been coaching a diverse set of individuals from all walks of life. She believes that age does not matter what matters is the desire in a person to transform his/her life. All of her clients have experienced breakthroughs in their lives. It has been her lifelong pursuit to learn about ways to expand one’s consciousness to create desired and lasting changes in one’s life. She is passionate about helping her clients in their journey towards becoming free from self-doubt and gain self-confidence in any area of their life that they want to.

In her experience, any change in one’s actions starts with the changes in one’s belief systems. So those who want to make changes in their life and take powerful actions towards their goals but feel that they lack the motivation, courage, and confidence to do so can immensely benefit by attending her life-coaching sessions.


Pratishtha Sharma Bangalore,

NLP Master Practitioner

Price on Request


She supports growth-oriented individuals who want to take their life to the next level but are struggling with self-doubt.  If you want to replace your self-doubt with self-confidence in any area of your life where you are not getting desired results and feeling stuck despite your best efforts then do reach out to her.


You can expect the following shifts in her coaching sessions:

* A shift in your beliefs that are holding you back.

* Shift in your level of confidence about your abilities.

* A permanent shift in your consciousness on which you will build future growth.

* Greater clarity about your potential and ability to achieve desired results.