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Rosario Belmonte


Rosario Belmonte, born in Sicily, has travelled through Milan, New York and Bali with his healing work, and is currently based in Goa, India. Having a deep inclination and curiosity for the connection between the seen realms and unseen energies since childhood, he took up pranic healing academically in New Jersey.

While in Bali, he furthered his understanding of the energy body under different Mangkus, the healers of Bali. He brings this wonderful blend of knowledge from practices and techniques across the world into his healing work, working on the whole body through chakras.


Rosario Belmonte Goa, North Goa

Pranic Healer

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Pranic healing is a technique that balances the energy field of the body and transfers the prana life force to it.

Ayurveda Yoga Massage is a unique system of bodywork that combines deep tissue massage with coordinated breath-work and yoga.

Deep tissue massage helps to remove knots and adhesions in the muscles and soft tissues release tension and prepare the body of the receiver for assisted yoga stretching.

A topical ayurvedic herb is applied to the skin with a small amount of oil that acts as a blood detoxifier and nerve tonic.


  • Dissolves physical and emotional blocks.
  • Helps eliminate toxins.
  • Improves respiratory patterns.
  • Enhances energy levels.