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I have been working in the field of Art Therapy and creative expression for 17 years, I find it a colourful process and enjoy working in many settings with a variety of people. I spent many years working with mothers with substance abuse issues and a range of traumatic experiences.

Art Therapy seems to be an accessible and non- threatening approach to vulnerable people dealing with highly emotional histories.

In addition, I’ve worked extensively with family units in the fostering sector, and have always worked with children and young people on a number of issues, offering support through particularly difficult periods until they feel strong enough to stand alone again.

Workshops can focus on a wide range of topics from creativity to identity, confidence to seasons, ageing to loss….in fact, the possibilities are limitless… I am passionate about empowering people.


Shirley Burton Goa, North Goa

Art Therapist

Price on Request


I provide one to one or group sessions, including one-off workshops.  Art therapy is a safe space for any age of client to process any issue, especially effective for unpicking emotional issues.  Clients are offered a range of art materials to use within the session, this can be either with direction or without depending on their requests.

The Art Therapist and client can then work together to make sense of the creative process and art image of the client. Only together can meaningful connections be made.  Every journey is different


Wellness benefits include raising self-awareness, increasing confidence, processing trauma, emotional balance and empowering you to be your most authentic self.