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Shobhika Jaju is the founder of Silver Linings Guidance & Counselling Centre. She is a  psychologist. with a passion to excel in the field of mental health. She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Mumbai. Backed by an excellent academic record, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Sophia College for Women, Mumbai and secured a merit rank in her subject area as well as in the Bachelor of Arts program across 250 plus colleges from Mumbai University. Shobhika has qualified the NET exam for a professorship.

She has a passion to excel in the field of mental health, and along with her team of highly qualified therapists, her focus is to make accessible to Goa the best mental healthcare possible.

Shobhika has qualified the NET exam for teaching at the graduate / post-graduate level.  She has extensive clinical experience working with clients from various age groups exhibiting a range of academic, behavioural & emotional difficulties. She has interned in the psychiatric OPD’s at hospitals across Mumbai and worked with Missionaries of Charity, private clinics, & schools, in Kolkata.

She is a Certified Career Counsellor and a Certified Queer Affirmative Practitioner (QACP by MHI, Mumbai). At Silver Linings, Shobhika practices using several therapy formats, including CBT-REBT, Relaxation / Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, and Person-Centered Therapy. She also conducts Career Guidance & Aptitude Testing for students & professionals.


Silver Linings Guidance And Counselling Center Goa, Margao

Psychotherapy, Counselling & Psychometric Assessments

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Silver Linings is a one-stop place in South Goa for addressing all emotional and behavioural concerns, with the sole aim to promote and assist in the process of enhancing mental health well-being among individuals of all age groups.

Psychotherapy and/or Counselling is meant for all those who want to enhance the quality of their life and move from their current state of functioning to a well balanced and optimal stage of functioning. Conditions such an anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, relationship issues, issues with academics or friends, and others, are just a manifestation of the imbalances in life and can be easily addressed through effective counselling by trained professionals.

At our Guidance and Counselling Centre, we use a variety of therapeutic approaches to ensure that our clients go back feeling a deep sense of relief. Our counsellor will discuss the therapy modes that can be used with your presenting complaints and use a combination of treatment approaches to ensure that you experience complete mental well-being. We have a rich pool of psychotherapeutic strategies at our disposal and we continue to add more effective strategies to help benefit our clients

Silver Linings offer varied services including psychometric assessment, psychotherapy, counselling for couples and families, play therapy, remedial education, and workshops, etc., all under one roof.



  • Mood Disorders (Depression & Anxiety)

  • Post – Partum Depression

  • Pre-natal emotional management

  • Adjustment Disorders

  • Relationship Counselling (Dealing with a break – up / Marital Issues)

  • Academic difficulties

  • Anger & Stress Management